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June Ponte - Artist's Portfolio
Fantasy Art & Illustrations

Welcome to my magical little gallery where unique gifts for that one-of-a-kind soul can be found. Dogs and cats and even birds are playfully transformed in paintings with a deeper significance beyond the surface image.
* One-of-a-kind, hand painted and signed paintings, sold directly to you from the artist who created them. Visit the sale page on menu at left. *
War is Over oil painting Questions? Email the artist!
Animals are people too, in my world! This painting is for sale on Page 1.
My paintings are unique in style and subject matter, and seem to resonate with an echo of the past. Some of my fantasy art can be seen at, a great fantasy art web site. Browse the site--any painting with a PayPal button is on sale!
For only $25 you can have an image of your cat as fantasy on Page 6 in the menu on the left for more info!

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