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The magical gift of an * original piece of artwork * lasts a lifetime! Each painting that you see on this page has been hand painted by the artist. It is a one of a kind original, not a print! Prices includes shipping within the US. Just click on the PayPal button below the painting. Contact the artist with questions at: * * Pictures of the artwork in frames are also available upon request.
The Fortune Teller
THE TAROT READER: Before her beloved Franz went off to the wars, Helga wanted to know what lay ahead. She awaits with concern the reading of the tarot cards by a mysterious feline gypsy. Gouache paints. About 8" x 10" or slightly larger, sent to you in a vintage frame. $325
Night Visitors copyright June Ponte THE VISITORS : Here's a fantasy illustration of a magically feline female with her cat friend. Spirit orbs are visiting with them. How catty! Gouache paints. Approx 12" x 5", unframed. $275
WAR IS OVER : Papa is home from the war, and we can all sing in the sunshine once again. Oil on canvas, about 16" x 20". Framed. $475
DOG LEAVES HOME : Father is leaving home, and everyone's upset! Where is he going...what's your guess? Gouache painting in unusual vintage frame, about 8"x 10". $325
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Off to War
FATHER GOES TO WAR : Civil war times, and everyone's upset that Father is leaving. Photo doesn't do this painting justice. Oil on canvas. Approx. 13 1/2"" x 17 1/2"; set in an unusual vintage frame. SOLD
Detail of Off to War painting
Detail of "Father Goes to War" oil painting.
The Fortune Teller FORTUNE TELLER : The intriguing gypsy cat beckons. I wonder what this fortune telling kitten will see in her crystal ball for you? About 8" x 10" in vintage frame. The colors and detail are exquisite. Gouache paints. The perfect gift for the psychic or cat lover! $325
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