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About the Artist

One of June’s earliest memories is being surrounded by her mother's sculptures and watercolors. Her mother died when June was seven years old, and this event was to change her life forever. Every piece of artwork that her mother left behind became a way for the child artist to connect to her mother. June is a Portuguese American; her grandparents came from the Madeira Islands of Portugal. After the death of her mother, June was sent to live with her devoutly religious grandmother in another town. She was raised not unlike a child of Madeira Island from the early 1900’s…one who was displaced in Union City, NJ. She grew up hearing stories about her Madeiran grandfather who, homesick for the islands of Portugal, used to draw fantastic schooners with a fountain pen on her grandmother’s white linen tablecloths! Stories like these of her mother and grandfather were inspiriational; June knew very early on that she was an artist too. The earliest drawing she can remember doing was a portrait of her dog, using a burnt matchstick on the inside of a matchbook cover. After graduation from high school, June attended Jersey City State College and the School of Visual Arts for a brief time. She is mainly self-taught. Over the years she has evolved from a simple realism to her current work, fantasy paintings of anthropomorphic animal-people, with underlying themes of mysticism and anti-war sentiment. June has worked as a writer and columnist, lace designer, and artist and illustrator. Her artwork has appeared in the Window Box Gallery in NYC; O-Roe Electric Gallery in Hoboken, City Without Walls in Newark, NJ and Sussex County Arts and Heritage Gallery in Newton, NJ. June lives in an old farmhouse in NJ; she has two sons, Maurice and Devon. **********
June is also a gifted medium and can offer you a compassionate, inspiring reading. She is known as Felina to her clients. Click here to stop by Rose & Felina's Reading Parlor.

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June Ponte as Siboney
This photo of the artist was taken by photographer Adal Maldonado, and appeared as part of a fotonovella in Heavy Metal Magazine. June was the model for two of Adal's fotonovellas which were published in Heavy Metal Magazine in the 1980's