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Gouache paint illustrations.

Queen Gwethalyn
Queen Gwethalyn, as she appeared in a children's book by Steve Ensminger. Property of Mr. Ensminger.
Harriet Tubman HARRIET TUBMAN : Angel of the Underground Railroad, at a relatively young age. Small gouache paint study, unframed. $150


Architectural Digest A charming little interior, painted for Howard Slatkin, NYC interior designer. This illustration was used as an advertisement for Slatkin in Architectural Digest. Gouache paints. Copyrighted property of Howard Slatkin Interiors.
Rama & Sita The Hindu God Rama, who is typically shown as having blue skin, with his wife Sita, in an illustration from "The Ramayana". Gouache paints. Copyrighted property of Enslow Publishers.
Rama & Hanuman from Rama and Hanuman, the Monkey King. Part of the Ramayana Legend, this illustration is part of "Diwali: A Festival of Lights". This children's book is published by Enslow Publishers, and the image is their property.
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