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One of a kind faerie sculptures!
Here are Tiger Belle the Fairy Cat, and Ian the Psychic Elf, both sculpted using polymer clay, without the use of a mold. I will be adding more as I create them, and will be offering them for sale soon. Email me with questions, or if you have a specific type of creature you would like a sculpture of. EMAIL:
TigerBelle Tiger Belle is a 3" tall elfin faerie cat, hand sculpted and painted. When she's not purring in her sleep under the shade of a leafy rosebush, Tiger Belle is lapping up large quantities of nectar from every tiger lily plant she can find. As you can see from her plump little belly, this is one of Tiger Belle's favorite pastimes! This femme feline has wide feathery wings so that she can flit from flower to flower (belly and all!), gathering nectar. Tiger Belle has mesmerizing genuine amethyst eyes, and a gentle, wide smile...but look closely and you can see that there's a hint of mischief there too! I've heard from the local fae that she once got a bit too close to a bee hive searching for some of their sweet smelling honey, and had to fly away as quickly as she could, huffing and puffing as she went! Tiger Belle is proud of her plumpness, and wears an antique glass cabochon belly ornament just to show it off! She favors all kinds of flowers, and wears white and blue vintage glass daisies near her ear; she's quite feminine in her own way, really. Around her neck is a lovely ruff of fur; the same on the end of her tail. Tiger Belle has been hand painted, and is signed by her artist on her bottom. ********************************* Purchase an adorable little feline fairy similar to Tiger Belle, but perhaps looking a little more like your own favorite pet? Cost: $65. Contact me to discuss your one of a kind sculpture, and to arrange payments.


Ian the Psychic Elf Purchase a one of a kind elf, similar to Ian! Price: $65. Contact me for payment arrangements via PayPal or money order.
Full view photo of Ian the Psychic Elf, with his 'crystal ball', and hand made clothing. Made using Sculpey, fabric and found objects. His eyes are genuine amethyst gemstones.
IAN THE PSYCHIC ELF Ian descends from a long line of sensitives; he is an extremely gifted psychic elf. His antennae can pick up the thoughts and emotions of gnomes, fairy fae, elves and goblins everywhere. He can tell them their past, present, and even the future. Ian sees visions in his 'crystal ball' which he keeps on a little golden three legged stand. Through this scrying method Ian reveals his knowledge to the fairy, elf or gnome who needs this assistance; he has been doing this for hundreds of years. Ian wears a green felt tunic, with brown felt short pants. He has an antique faceted topaz glass crystal around his neck, and wears a dragonfly earring. Ian knows that dragonflys symbolize the ability to travel between dimensions, and he is certainly adept at that. Faux coins and beads dangle from Ian's belt. He has lovely gray hair and a short beard, and measures about 5 1/2" tall sitting down; he is hand sculpted without a mold, and is made of polymer clay. His 'crystal ball' is a large soft white & clear large cat's eye glass marble. His face is blushed.