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June Ponte - Artwork * Oil Paintings - Page 4

Terrible Ladies of Hoboken
Cat headed lady and alter egos. Large oil painting on canvas. Private collection.
The Messenger - Detail
Detail of "The Messenger" oil painting on canvas.
Copyright 2006 June Ponte Rogers
A psychic medium receives a message from spirit...11" x 14", oil on canvas. $500
Bruuuuce! Detail of Painting
Bruce Springsteen
"Born in the Garden State" Bruce Springsteen --son(flower) of the Garden State... This painting, dominated by Bruce and all things Jersey, shows the American Goldfinch, the New Jersey State bird, the dogwood flower, (one of two state trees), and blueberries, the state fruit. Tiny glass beads adorn the large dogwood flowers in each corner of the painting. Below Bruce is a little painting of the famous Asbury Park Palace Amusements with its strange head of 'Tillie' logo. This building was in Bruce's beloved Asbury Park, NJ. The building has now been torn down. Approximately 9" x 14", oil on wood. SOLD


The Writer Where do you think this guy is, with that old typewriter, and when? Looks like Mexico to me. Oil painting on canvas. Private collection.
Gypsy with Horse
This is an oil painting of a gypsy with her horse, surrounded by spirit orbs. The painting measures 12" x 16", and is even more beautiful in person. SOLD
Gypsy with Horse detail
Detail from the Gypsy with Horse oil painting above.
War is Over Oil painting on canvas entitled "War is Over". This painting is for sale in the gallery--click on Artwork for Sale on Page 1 in the menu!
Bad Energy Copyright 2006 JPR 'Bad Energy' from the wild days of my artistic youth...